Developing Our Workforce: Governor Scott Walker Attends Midwest Foodservice Expo

2014_expologo_printers_horizMilwaukee – Governor Scott Walker attended the Wisconsin ProStart Invitational today, which is part of the Midwest Foodservice Expo.  The ProStart Invitational is a culinary and restaurant management competition in which students have an opportunity to display the skills they have learned to succeed in the hospitality and food service industry.   Governor Walker met with Wisconsin high school students and observed a culinary contest and business proposal competition.

“Perfecting the skills you need to excel in your chosen field is a recipe for real success,” Governor Walker said. “This program allows these talented students to get a head start in their careers with real world training, which will help fuel our state’s economy by taking foodservice to the next level.”

ProStart is a two-year program founded by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation which offers high school students real work experience. The program reaches more than 4,000 students in the state and almost 100,000 nationally. The curriculum includes lessons in all aspects of restaurant and food service operations. To gain certification, students must accumulate more than 400 mentor hours, pass two national exams, and demonstrate a mastery of culinary skills.

The three-day Midwest Food Exposition unites thousands of regional food and beverage professionals and offers food vendors, restauranteurs, and hospitality managers the opportunity to interact, network, and learn.

The success level of the food service industry benefits from a strong economy.  Governor Walker’s Blueprint for Prosperityfuels the state’s economy by putting more money back into the hands of the hard-working taxpayers – money that they can spend in their local communities.

Once passed, the Blueprint for Prosperity cuts property taxes by $406 million.  The typical homeowner will see an actual reduction of $100 dollars on their next property tax bill.  It also cuts income taxes by $98.6 million.  Savings for a typical family of four making $40,000, will be $58.

Working with a $911 million surplus, Governor Walker’s plan also adjusts withholding for state income taxes by $322.6 million.  This means, beginning next month, a typical family of four will see $57.90 more in their paychecks.

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