Kyrie Irving Wants out of LeBron’s Shadow

Can the Brewers Keep This Up?

Year 2 of the David Stearns rebuilding project has gone better than anybody could have predicted. The first year was always going to be a year in which the Brewers would finish near the bottom of the standings, but the second year is only supposed to see a slight uptick in the standings for rebuilding […]

Mayweather vs McGregor

The fight of the decade has been set, with Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor agreeing to compete in a boxing match on August 26th, 2017. Each man has his distinguished advantages, though the consensus currently stands on the side of Mayweather. The bout as currently constructed will be the man who has never been in […]

Ode to King Felix

Last weeks column was about a Hernandez that brought grief and shame to the Latino community, but this week we applaud Felix Hernandez, pitcher for the Seattle Mariners. Appropriately dubbed “King Felix” by his followers, his career was glorious and quiet while he wasted his talents pitching for an inept franchise. Felix is still a […]

Aaron Hernandez Acquitted, Found Dead

One of the most bizarre stories in the sports world over the last three years took a final downward turn this week when Aaron Hernandez, former Patriots tight end, was found dead in his prison cell of apparent suicide. Even though his family is requesting a full investigation into his death and they are unwilling […]

Sergio García Wins Masters

After 74 attempts at winning a major golf tournament, Sergio Garcia finally broke through his mental barriers and won the biggest event of them all: The Masters. To don the green jacket was something that at one time seemed like an absolute certainty, but over time his star faded and he was labeled as a […]

Bucks Getting Hot at the Right Time

There is something about this team, these young Bucks, that is very different than it was earlier this season. It would be easy to bemoan the fact that Jabari Parker is injured again and fans can chalk up the season to another wasted year, but these Bucks are proving all doubters wrong. Going into the […]

March Madness: Selection Sunday

The part of the year college basketball fans anxiously wait for has finally arrived: March Madness is here! The state of Wisconsin has had some exciting years in previous seasons, including the University of Wisconsin nearly winning the championship with Sam Dekkar and Frank Kaminsky leading the way in 2015, and that same Wisconsin team […]

Packers vs Cowboys: The Grip

Anybody watching the Packers versus Cowboys matchup on Sunday night witnessed what easily might have been the best football game of this decade. From the giant lead the Packers held, to the massive comeback from the Cowboys, to the three 50+ yard field goals on the final two minutes, there was nothing more that could’ve […]

Packers Prepare to Renew Rivalry with Cowboys

No Jordy Nelson, no problem. Aaron Rodgers and company withstood a slow start by their offense and took over the wild card playoff game against the New York Giants to the tune of 38-13. The score wouldn’t indicate it, but the game was actually much closer than Packers fans would have liked, with the game […]

Packers Full Steam Ahead

Raise your hand if you saw this coming. The Packers control their own destiny again, now having the ability to win their final two games and win their division. While this seemed possible four weeks ago, it was far from likely and certainly was not viewed as a probability. Since then, though, the Packers have […]

Keep Sleeping on Wisconsin

When number 5 ranked LSU came to Lambeau Field to face off against unranked Wisconsin they figured they would have no problem running up the score before flying home. LSU was the team that was returning 18 starters from their 9-3 team a year ago; they were supposed to be one of the best teams […]

Finn Balor Wins Universal Title at Summerslam

What a month for WWE, with the company first getting dedicated mainstream coverage with the launch of their own page on ESPN, crescendoing with a full-fledged commitment to the “new era” by having Finn Balor win the new WWE Universal championship and AJ Styles earn a win over the “face that runs the place” John […]

Thank You, Jonathan Lucroy

Roberto Ruiz Look no further than Jonathan Lucroy if you’re looking for the perfect Brewer. For seven years Lucroy represented the Brewers and the city of Milwaukee in the best way possible. Lucroy was never linked to any performance enhancing drugs, he never lied to the fans or the media, he never left town when […]

Brock Lesnar: A Jacked White Boy on Steroids

What a difference a week makes. Just last week I was trumpeting Lesnar as the greatest thing since sliced bread, an outlier, a one-of-a-kind athlete that put all other athletes to shame. I praised Lesnar’s ability to come back to fighting after five years off and destroy someone of Mark Hunt’s ilk. I commended Lesnar […]