Alderman Perez Dodges Questions Regarding Streetcar Vote

By Robert Miranda Editor’s Commentary

Milwaukee – Alderman Jose G. Perez recent vote to support the downtown streetcar was just one of nine votes that gave Mayor Barrett the green light to spend $124 million dollars to build a tourist train in the heart of downtown.

Opposition to the streetcar in the south side of Milwaukee was arguably strong.

Nevertheless, Alderman Perez ignored the opposition and supported the streetcar. Before the vote Perez even went so far as to organize a community information session on the streetcar in Alderman Bob Donovan’s district.

Alderman Bob Donovan of the 8th Aldermanic District stated he was never informed by the Mayor’s office or by Alderman Perez that they were invading his district to conduct a streetcar public briefing.

The public briefing clearly had a large opposition force in attendance, but that did not sway Alderman Perez from supporting Mayor Barrett.

After the Common Council voted for the streetcar by a 9 to 6 vote, Mayor Barrett held a signing celebration. In attendance, were the nine aldermen who voted for the streetcar, including Perez.

However, Perez has yet to provide the public with a written statement as to why he voted for the streetcar.

Alderman Perez has not responded to emails requesting a statement giving his reason for supporting the streetcar.

Perez released a 2014 fall newsletter and in it he gives no indication of his support for the streetcar. In addition, Perez office has not issued a press release outlining why he was supporting the downtown streetcar.

Perez silence on this matter is disturbing. His vote to spend $124 million to support a train that serves only the downtown area should be explained to the constituents of the 12th Aldermanic District.

We should know why the Alderman voted for the mayor’s train because after all, we’re being asked to pay for it.

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