UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Addresses Budget Deficit

032316-fp-middle-fold-pix-1UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Addresses Budget Deficit

Milwaukee – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Chancellor, Dr. Mark Mone said this past week, during a campus budget meeting, that it’s important to address questions that are “critical to UWM’s future.”

With that being said, Chancellor Mone informed the public that administrative cuts will be done to:

Reduce campus-level administration (vice chancellors, associate VCs and assistant VCs) by 25% by the end of FY17

Reduce other administration such as limited appointments by 10%

Examine student services administration consolidation. Strategic enrollment management is absolutely crucial to our future. Our goal is to support Student Services as efficiently as possible.

Accelerate integrated shared services work that is already underway

Reduce or eliminate certain administrative operations, such as the sale of the Cozzens Cudahy Center, which we have put on the market

Enact a space utilization policy and plan to ensure that we have the maximum use of our current space

Implement metrics for efficiency and effectiveness

In addition, Chancellor Mone stated that the university will not be taking actions to furlough staff for 2016-17.

The University’s top administrator said that:

“We will not enact a credit plateau that would require students to pay extra tuition beyond 12 credits for undergraduates and eight credits for graduate students

Our campus will remain open over fall and winter breaks as the State of Wisconsin re-coups utilities savings and UWM would not

There will be no changes to the policies and administration of sabbaticals”

Chancellor Mone in a statement released to the campus also stated that, “through your efforts, we have made significant progress on reducing UWM’s $38 million operational deficit. With this plan, we will close the deficit by the end of FY19. Yet, more tough decisions are needed to poise us for our long-term future. We can maintain, and possibly elevate, but it will require adaptation to a highly-changing environment. Through difficult choices and patience, I am confident that we will move forward and continue the positive momentum we have built together over decades to achieve our top-tier research university designation, our Carnegie Classification in engagement, new highs in fund raising, and the support of hundreds of community partners”.

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