Successful Mexican Fiesta Once Again

45ab381b-2c55-43ef-8637-4ee95152e3e4-vm_mexicanfiesta_hires_jigsaw_0024Milwaukee – Mexican Fiesta brings the sound and taste of Mexico to Milwaukee’s lakefront and this past weekend thousands who experienced beautiful weather and a great fiesta were not disappointed.

The crowds were huge has people took in three days of fun, food, music, culture and fiesta for everyone.

“I am having so much fun!”, said Sandra Vargas. “The weather is really helping. Many of us don’t want to leave because it is so comfortable over here and the music is really making us feel good.”

For three days and nights tend of thousands of people paraded onto the Summerfest grounds sampling various foods and drinking domestic and Mexican beers.

As music pumped out from stages on the Summerfest grounds, many fiesta goers went into spontaneous dance and just had a great time.

“I’m feeling really good right now”, Luz Gonzalez said. “I have happy feet so I’m dancing all night”.

The success of Mexican Fiesta means that the Hispanic Scholarship Fund of Wisconsin (HSFW) will be able to continue to support Latino students who dream of attending a university.

Indeed, every year that Mexican Fiesta is successful, is a year HSFW can give out scholarships to Latino students to attend college and hopefully become doctors, teachers and business leaders ready to return to help build their community.

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