101415-roberto-ruizStreak Ends for Rodgers, Packers Still Win

Much was made of the interception-less streak for Aaron Rodgers when playing at Lambeau Field, which was ended by a stout Rams defense on Sunday. 49 touchdowns and 586 total passes were thrown by Rodgers between interceptions, a feat that will likely never be approached by another quarterback. He immediately started a new streak after the first one, but this one only made it six pass attempts before the Rams defense pulled down another pick.

The coverage of the streak had become a bit much as the weeks wore on. Every week fans were treated to infographics trying to explain just how remarkable the feat was. Rodgers himself was asked question after question about it, and he is not a man who enjoys redundancy. Rodgers did see a slim silver lining in throwing the two interceptions on Sunday though, “Maybe the only relief is not being asked about it every week,” Rodgers said Wednesday. “But I hope to be asked at some point again to have a similar streak.”

Including the fumble that Rodgers lost after being sacked by Robert Quinn, Rodgers had three turnovers against a team that had beaten the Arizona Cardinals the previous week. The Cardinals have been looked at as the main opposition for the Packers to lay claim as the best team in the NFC, so St. Louis winning in Arizona was no small feat. Still, the Rams offense was stymied and turnover prone even more than the Packers offense was, and it was the defense that led the Packers to the relatively easy 24-10 victory.

The offensive struggles for Green Bay popped up after Eddie Lacy and Davonte Adams both went down with sprained ankles. Rodgers, as great as he is, needs receives to at least have a step on the defense to complete the majority of his passes, and a great running back helps defenses honest. James Jones has filled in remarkably well, but much of his success comes from the quarterback throwing him the ball. Adams is expected to return this week but don’t expect Adams or Lacy to be anywhere near 100% until after the bye week next week. Lacy has been on the field but clearly lacks the explosiveness that he has shown in previous seasons. Once both ankles are fully healed, this offense should continue where it left off earlier this season.

The San Diego Chargers welcome Green Bay on Sunday, but don’t expect to put up much of a fight. The Packers should win this game easily, especially if Adams is closer to 100% than many assume.

Packers win easily, 31-13.