Milwaukee, Wis. June 1st, “Two weeks ago today, May 18, I called for the firing of Officer Michael Mattioli, who was charged with first degree reckless homicide on May 13 in connection with the death of Joel Acevedo. “I renew my call for Officer Mattioli’s firing today. “The Milwaukee Police Department requested the Milwaukee District Attorney conduct the criminal investigation of the incident leading to the criminal charges on April 19, the day of the beating of Mr. Acevedo. The District Attorney agreed to that request, conducted the criminal investigation, and concluded there was a factual and legal basis supporting the homicide charges it filed. “Whether the authority to fire Officer Mattioli lies with the Police Chief, who has the authority to fire officers under section 62.50 of the Wisconsin Statutes, or the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission, which took over the case, one thing is clear: Officer Mattioli must be fired. “At a time when our community and nation need to restore trust in police officers, it is a slap in the face to the residents of this city to be forced to continue to pay the salary of an officer charged with homicide.