Man Charged After Witnesses See Woman Dragged Alongside Truck

A 29-year-old Kenosha woman was in her apartment Monday evening when she heard someone screaming “help me.”

According to a Kenosha Police report, the woman looked out to see a man driving a pickup truck in an alley near the 5100 block of 22nd Avenue. The man had his driver’s side window down and his arm was out the window around the throat of a woman. The driver was dragging the woman along the side of the truck as he headed down the alley.

As she watched, the witness told police, the truck came to stop and the man reached out and punched the woman in the face, threatening to kill her, according to the police report. The witness yelled she was calling police, and the woman who was dragged went with the man — and two small children — into a building on 22nd Avenue. The man reportedly then came back outside briefly to threaten the witness’s boyfriend with a pool cue.

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