Ninety Concerned Citizens Attend CUSH Immigration Rally

Approximately 90 people converged on Civic Center Park Monday evening in order to stand in support of families that have been separated at the border while crossing into America.

Congregations United to Serve Humanity organized Monday’s rally, called “The Cost of Zero Tolerance,” in the park, 900 57th St., with the purpose of casting a light onto the human impact of the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy on immigration — an impact felt even after President Trump’s recent executive order halting the separation of families — and to offer alternatives to detention for those caught crossing the border with their children illegally.

Near the start of the rally, the group of concerned citizens were led in a chant in support of immigrants coming to America by CUSH member Patti Fitchett, their voices carried on the wind in the space between Reuther High School and the Kenosha County Courthouse.

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