033016-fp-middle-fold-pix-1Larson Labels State Senator Crazy Forced to Apologize

Milwaukee – There is a feud going on between Milwaukee County Executive candidate, State Senator Chris Larson and State Senator Lena Taylor, both Milwaukee Democrats.

That feud boiled over this past couple of weeks, after a confrontation between the two took place at the state Capitol.

At issue is a conversation between Larson and Taylor.

Taylor lashed out at Larson who called Senator Taylor “crazy” and asking, “Did you take your meds today?” The conversation occurred in the hallway leading to the Senate floor on March 15.

At a recent Community Brainstorming Conference gathering in the city’s north side, Larson, who is challenging Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, was confronted by Senator Lena Taylor and apologized publicly for the remarks he made about her.

However, the apology appears to not have been enough for Senator Taylor who shot back at Larson: “So are you sorry you called me crazy?” Taylor asked Saturday. “Are you sorry you said I should take my meds? That I don’t take, and I’m not crazy. The only thing I am is not controlled. The only thing I am is speaking truth to power. The only thing I am, whether you agree with me or not, I stand tall.

“All I’m asking you to do is to do it right, Chris. Because you did not.”

The whole confrontation was posted on Utube.

The Utube video showed Taylor with a microphone explaining to the audience what had happened on March 15. She went in to say that she was upset about Larson’s comments.

Taylor pointed out that Larson insulted her when he said to her to enjoy her last days in office. The comment was made in apparent reference to the fact that Rep. Mandela Barnes, a Milwaukee Dem, and Larson loyalist, was running against Taylor.

Taylor said Larson is on a mission to “assassinate” her politically.

“Lena, I am sorry,” Larson responded on the video.

“For what?” Taylor asked.

“We had a private conversation . . . ” Larson began to say before Taylor cut him off by insisting their conversation was public.

Larson repeated, “I said I was sorry and I hope we can move on.”

Taylor has not endorsed Abele or Larson in the county executive race.