Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 8.08.20 AMMILWAUKEE — A family mourns the death of their beloved grandmother as Milwaukee once again reads about the latest in an all to familiar story of murder in the big city Gloria Zuniga, a 59-year-old grandmother, was shot in her home near 26th and Mitchell around 9 p.m. this week.
The house in which Zuniga was gunned down displayed multiple bullet holes, all located around Zuniga’s bedroom wall. News reports indicate that Milwaukee police believe that the shots came from an ongoing gang dispute. Police currently don’t have anyone in custody.
Milwaukee Police state that Zuniga represents the 93rd homicide of 2013. In 2012, there were 91 total. Milwaukee Alderman, Bob Donovan, referencing the increasing number of killings in the city, stated to CBS-58 that “the decent people won’t even drive in, let alone shop or live or open up a business. It’s a damn shame and something needs to be done.”
Donovan also said that MPD is short 150 officers and has 90 detective vacancies. Those are problems the 8th district representative says Mayor Barrett needs to fix. Donovan blames Mayor Barrett for placing more priority on funding streetcars instead of making city streets safer. “If we can find money for street cars and not take care of safety first, this city is screwed” said Donovan.
Alderman Donovan told CBS-58 News he plans to draft and introduce, what he calls, a common sense plan for public safety within a month.