Efforts Underway to Make 6th Street Safer

front page bottomIn November 2013, 18-month old Erieanna Matosek was killed in a hit and run accident by a Milwaukee man driving a truck while she and her mother were crossing S. 6th Street at W. Hayes,

Milwaukee Police found the suspect in a home on Milwaukee’s north side and arrested him.

Officials at the time said that 21-year-old Cheyenne Jackson and 18-month-old, Erieanna Matousek were walking westbound across S. 6th Street in a crosswalk near a day care center when they were struck.

Last week, community leader Laura Manriquez organized area residents for a meeting with Alderman Tony Zielinski at the Kosciusko Community Center.

At the meeting the Aldermen stated that he was moving city resources in order to build a “bump out” on 6th street, to force vehicles to slow down before getting to the cross walks near the day care center.

Manriquez told the Alderman this was needed because in the last nine months three deaths had occurred on the stretch of road between 6th and Grant street and 6th and Hayes.

The Alderman stated he would be coordinating with area residents and Manriquez to complete the project.

Supporting the residents and attending the meeting was the Latin American Motorcycle Association (LAMA).

The group stated that in that stretch of road a motorcyclist was killed by a speeding car last year. The group said that the cars proceeding down this stretch of road go faster than the speed limit.

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