Tammy Baldwin Deserves Latino Vote

By Robert Miranda

The Mid-term election is around the corner. November 6 is fast approaching and with it comes one of the biggest challenges Wisconsin voters will face.

The challenge for us all is to prevent TRUMPUTIN from having both members of the US Senate representing Wisconsin, completely and blindly following the agenda of the most extreme presidency in the history of the United States.

Latino voters have the voting power to help prevent that from happening.

Voting for Senator Tammy Baldwin on November 6 will prevent TRUMPUTIN and the most immoral Republican leadership our country has ever seen from having full control in Washington.

Baldwin is championing the dairy industry and college affordability and fighting to preserve what’s left of the Affordable Care Act. She’s also raising alarm about threats to Medicare and Social Security, and promising to counter the agendas of out-of-state billionaires. She stands for Latino issues and has proven herself to be a fighter for immigration rights.

The most recent Marquette Law School poll from Sept. 18 put Baldwin 11 points in front of her opponent Vukmir (53% to 42%).

Latino voters can help Tammy Baldwin retain her seat. The Latino vote can help ensure that TRUMPUTIN and his allies in Congress and the Senate are unable to pass laws that continue to attack immigration.

Vote for Tammy Baldwin November 6.

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