Republican leaders in the State Legislature are continuing to single out Milwaukee, the state’s diverse, economic engine. Infuriated that their plan to takeover Milwaukee Public Schools has failed and at the heels of the resignation of Demond Means, Scott Fitzgerald’s desperate comments hit a new low by threatening the children of Milwaukee Public Schools with more revenue cuts.

Students in Milwaukee should not be used as a political pawn. We must invest in their future, our future, by ensuring they are taught by certified, education professionals, attend class sizes small enough for one-on-one attention, and are offered more after school programs.

We applaud Milwaukee Public Schools’ decision to protect children from a failed reform model that would usurp the power of the democratically elected school board and blindly hand current MPS students over to private, unaccountable operators. It is unacceptable that the most racially diverse school district in the State is being targeted and singled out once again.

Republicans in the State Legislature should abandon their failed school takeover proposal now and focus on truly giving all Milwaukee children a fair shot to succeed. Don’t be childish and take your ball and leave when you have lost, accept your mistake and learn from it.

Submitted by:

-Marcelia Nicholson, Milwaukee County Board Supervisor, Milwaukee Public Schools Teacher

-Sequanna Taylor, Milwaukee County Board Supervisor, Educational Assistant,Milwaukee Public Schools

-Marina Dimitrijevic, Milwaukee County Board Supervisor,Graduate of Milwaukee Public Schools