MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services reports that Potawatomi Casino is aggressively to  treat the bed bugs found at the casino tables.

However, questions have arisen as to why patrons weren’t notified of the problem sooner.

CBS 58 reports that DHS “combed through code and found that there’s no requirement to notify customers”.

The city and private inspector, Dave Kusnierke, says bed bugs are not considered a health risk.

CBS 58 asked Kusnierek if public or private entities are required to notify customers. His response was, “No they are not.”

Kusnierek says, “Some states require that they have a notice on the door that they’ve been treated for bed bugs, but in Milwaukee that’s not the case, not that I’m aware of.”

According to CBS 58, Milwaukee officials state that “…bed bug numbers this year are similar to last year. January to July 2013 bed bug cases were at 146. January to July 2014 bed bug cases were at 152 confirmed cases.

Residents interviewed by CBS 58 say they should be notified of bed bug infestation.

Dan Feurer says, “I’d say it’s pretty sleazy, and I’d say that’s wrong.”

Jim Farmer says, “With such a serious issue, you don’t want to take it home, I’d be really upset.”