Winter weather and snow have arrived in Milwaukee, and Alderperson Jonathan Brostoff is calling on residents

of Murray Hill an

d Milwaukee’s East Side to participate in a new grassroots effort this winter. Corner Keepers are neighborhood volunteers who help remove snow and ice from street corners and sidewalks that can pose challenges for older adults and those with disabilities or injuries. Uncleared sidewalks and corners deter some from leaving their homes in the winter months, while others venture out but risk injury. With local residents pitching in to assist in clearing these spots where they can, the goal is to make the neighborhood safer to live in and navigate through during winter.

“I want to thank Eastside Senior Services, all the supporting partners, and especially all those who have volunteered already for working to pilot a fantastic idea that engages neighbors to help one another during what can be a challenging time of the year for many reasons,” said Alderperson Brostoff. “I would encourage those in Murray Hill who are able to participate this year, and I hope we can grow and expand this effort in the years to come.”

Additional information on the Corner Keepers initiative, including how to sign up as a volunteer, can be found by visiting Those interested can also email