Jalisa Welch is a student at Franklin High School where a recent racially charged incident took place. Jalisa shared her thoughts about the incident. Hello Mr. Miranda, I just want to inform you my opinion on the school event that had occurred earlier this week. I feel ashamed, hurt, and upset due to this racial mark because it is targeting my race (African American). I am ashamed and hurt because this event claimed to be a joke even though to many others found it not being one including myself. Not only my school’s reputations have decreased to this school event but, people outside of my school are thinking that Franklin High School is racist which it is not. Although I will not tolerate one person to represent my school as to who we as a public academic facility. My school is a positive, uplifting, caring public school who care about each other, not a racist, negative, cruel place where we as students bully each other. In the future, I believe that Franklin High School will learn its lesson about this and be able to learn how to respect each other more through kindness. Jalisa Welch

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