Millions Needed to Repair Mitchell Park Domes

21016-fp-bottom-foldMillions Needed to Repair Mitchell Park Domes

Milwaukee – The Mitchell Park Domes will require between $65 million and $75 million for an overhaul according to a recent engineering report, County Executive Chris Abele said.

The Domes were closed this past weekend to protect the public and employees from potentially falling debris.

County officials say that all three domes will remain closed until temporary repairs can be made.

All scheduled events at the venue, for now, are being moved to alternate sites county officials report.

At a news conference at his office, Abele said that in two weeks repairs to prevent more concrete from falling will begin.

He estimated the cost as “in the big six figures.”

Executive Chris Abele, released the following statement on the closure of The Mitchell Park Domes:

“A conversation with our independent engineering firm late this afternoon confirmed that, while aging and in need of repairs, the Domes are structurally sound. However, there are still concerns about falling debris, so in an abundance of caution for the safety of the public and our employees we have decided to close all three Domes for the weekend pending further study. We expect to have more detailed information from the engineering firm early next week and look forward to partnering with the County Board to implement an action plan that reflects the community’s wishes.”

Mayor Barrett stated during his State of the City address that the decision to completely refurbish the venerable structure isn’t his alone but will require the input of Milwaukee County Supervisors and the public.

The cost estimates to replace the Domes were provided by Graef USA, an engineering consulting firm.

Sen. Chris Larson, who is challenging Abele said he wanted to make sure it would remain open for future generations.

“I want more transparency,” Larson said. “We have been putting off decisions too long and we can’t do that anymore.”

In a meeting with reporters and editors of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Mayor Tom Barrett said, “The Domes are very special to anybody who’s been in Milwaukee for any period of time,” Barrett said. “I wouldn’t want to be the one to tear down the Domes.”

The Domes were constructed in stages between 1959 and 1967. At the ribbon cutting in 1965, Lady Bird Johnson, wife of President Lyndon Johnson, was in attendance.

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