Kenosha Pulls Out of Foxconn Deal

MILWAUKEE — The city of Kenosha says it’s no longer in the hunt to land a Foxconn plant.

Mayor John Antaramian wrote a letter to Gov. Scott Walker on this telling Walker that the legislative bill being considered for Foxconn doesn’t do enough to address state laws making it difficult for the city to support the project.

The mayor cited restrictions involving tax increment districts, the state’s levy limit law and more.

Kenosha’s absence would leave Racine County as the likeliest spot for a display assembly plant expected to employ thousands. Legislators are voting this week on a nearly $3 billion incentive package for Foxconn.

In related news, State Senator Lena Taylor blasted lawmakers pushing Foxconn deal regarding environment concerns.

Early this week the Republican-controlled Wisconsin State Senate voted to approve the deal. The Taiwanese tech giant, Foxconn, received both special exemption and treatment from Wisconsin’s environmental protections and legal system.

“This deal lacks transparency, accountability, and leaves the state open to be ripped off,” said Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee). “It’s troubling that the deal lacks immediate workforce training or infrastructure dollars and transportation for the state’s unemployed residents to get to these alleged jobs.”

“Even more shameful is the rigged playing field against Wisconsin businesses in favor of a foreign company with a history of discriminatory hiring practices against women and the disabled, worker mistreatment, and a lack of diversity. It’s no wonder Walker and the GOP refused to bring Foxconn’s owner to the table so that we could discuss the terms of a contract and the company’s tainted history.

“It is unacceptable to exempt Foxconn from requirements that all other Wisconsinites and businesses abide by,” said Taylor. “It’s the GOP way – corporations and special interests before schools, roads, and our people.”

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