KENOSHA – The Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin signed a deal with Hard Rock Cafe International to develop and manage an $800 million casino at the former Dairyland Greyhound Park, BizTimes reported. BizTimes editor Steve Jagler told WISN 12 News that Thursday’s expected announcement on the deal is a game changer. “Putting that brand on the building changes the conversation on so many different levels,” Jagler said.
The project still needs to be approved by Gov. Scott Walker, BizTimes reported.
The Hard Rock Cafe business is owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida.
WISN 12 News has reported that seven out of 11 Native American tribes in Wisconsin support the Menominee plan. Among those who do not are the Potawatomi Tribe that runs a casino in Milwaukee.
“A worldwide destination is at stake now. It’s not just a generic casino proposal that somebody could say, ‘We don’t need another casino.’ It’s not just a casino, it’s a Hard Rock casino,” Jagler said. The Potawatomi is concerned about losing visitors from Illinois.

People like Alfred Esguerra from Chicago said he would make the trip to check out the casino. “I’m about 45 minutes away from Chicago but it’s worth the trip if they’re going to shop and go to the casino, it’s really good,” Esguerra said.Chris Ksobieck from Greendale said he doesn’t want Potawatomi to lose out on business, but thinks the economic boom that a Hard Rock business will bring is too good to pass up. “I think it’ll bring in more business to the area and more revenue and more jobs so it’s a positive, I think,” Ksobieck said.
Kenosha Mayor Keith Bosman told WISN 12 News a press conference is expected to be held around noon Thursday to formally announce plans for the casino.