Justice is Served

By Yvan Magana

Milwaukee, Wis — A recent update in the Guyger case has revealed that Amber Guyger was found guilty and is being charged for the murder of Botham Jean. She will be sentenced for 10 years in federal prison. For those who have not heard of the Guyger case, last September in Dallas, Texas, former police officer Amber Guyger entered her neighbor’s apartment and shot him twice. Guyger’s neighbor and victim, Botham Jean, 26, was an accountant whose apartment was right above Amber’s. Amber came home from a thirteen-hour shift at the Dallas Police Department when she claims to have mistakenly parked on the wrong floor of the parking structure connected to her apartment complex thus why she went onto the wrong floor of the apartment building. Instead of entering what she thought was her apartment, Guyger entered the apartment directly above hers. Guyger also claimed that she had been distracted at this time by talking to another officer on the phone. The officer on the phone, Martin Rivera, was having an affair with Guyger at the time. This checked out with law enforcement later that night. From a professional standpoint, there were many mistakes on her part that could have been prevented. She should have left the apartment and have called for backup; maybe during this time, she could have realized that she was at the wrong place. Her coworker would have realized that it was not her place, to begin with. After being convicted, Amber awaited her fate which could have resulted in 99 years of federal prison. Two hours later, the jury decided that she would only serve 10 years. This case sparked the Black Lives Matter community as many believe that she only shot Botham because of his race. Many members in the Dallas community and all across the country said that things would have been handled differently if Mr. Jean was white. Her defense attorney argued that Amber’s actions were a result of fatigue and fright. They also mentioned that she was sexually assaulted when she was a child which could have triggered her actions. The defense’s main argument was that her distractions did not allow her to notice the floor she was on and the red doormat on the ground. She reacted so quickly that no one would have been able to distinguish and properly reacted to the situation. The trial ending on October 2nd, finished on a religious note as the judge handed her bible.