Kenosha – Man charged with dragging another man with his car may take a deal from prosecutors.

Shaun Perry, 20, waived his right to a preliminary hearing, entering a not-guilty plea. Perry however is considering a plea deal from prosecutors.

He is charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety, injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle, and hit-and-run causing great bodily harm.

According to the criminal complaint, Perry was sitting in his car, with the man leaning in through the car door. Perry allegedly suddenly accelerated in reverse, dragging the man between the car door and the car until the car hit a tree.

He then sped forward, allegedly trying to push the man out of the car by pressing a screwdriver into his chest. The man eventually fell from the car and was injured.

At the hearing, prosecutor Margaret Drees said the Kenosha district attorney’s office has offered a plea deal to Perry that would include his pleading guilty to first-degree recklessly endangering safety, with the injury by intoxicated use of vehicle charge amended to a less serious operating while intoxicated-second offense charge. They would recommend the third charge be dismissed. In return for the plea, prosecutors would recommend probation.