Democratic Party of Wisconsin Regional Organizing

By Director Searcy Williams.

This week we’re at a milestone in this election – in Cleveland and in front of the entire world, the Republicans will officially make Donald Trump their party’s nominee, cementing his divisive, hateful positions as the official Republican platform. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is doing something amazing: she’s announcing a nationwide voter mobilization goal to sign up 3 million Americans to register and commit to vote. That’s HUGE!

Since I started on the ground here in Milwaukee for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing voter engagement. I’m passionate about getting Wisconsinites to talk to their neighbors about the clear choice in this election and making sure they commit to vote this November. That’s why I’m so excited that Democrats across the country will be talking to their neighbors about Hillary Clinton’s belief that we are stronger together.

As president, Hillary will fight to break down all the barriers that hold Americans back and build ladders of opportunity for all people. She will bring people together to address the big challenges that we face, from racial and economic inequality to criminal justice reform and economic opportunity. Hillary knows that America succeeds when we work together to solve our problems and everyone shares in the rewards, when we build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

Hillary believes we can either come together to tackle the big challenges facing the country or let Donald Trump keep tearing us apart with his divisive rhetoric and dangerous ideas. Donald Trump has shown that he is temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be president. He will tear this country apart and do serious harm to our security and our economy. At a time when Americans are looking for a president who can bring people together, Donald Trump has done nothing but divide us, tearing people down with hateful rhetoric, bigoted policy proposals and bullying and demeaning anyone who disagrees with him.

When I think about all that Donald Trump would do as president to unravel President Barack Obama’s legacy, I get even more determined to make sure voters know what’s at stake here. It’s critical we elect Hillary Clinton as our next president – and that’s exactly why we need to count you among the 3 million voters we register and commit to vote in this critical election.

In both 2008 and 2012 the Obama campaign registered millions of voters and this effort builds on that work. Now more than ever it’s important that we continue engaging our communities in the electoral process. Your voice is your vote. We have to make sure that in this election, we say loud and clear that Donald Trump is not qualified to be our president, that he is not a role model for our kids. This is the most important election of our lifetime and the stakes could not be higher. We must make sure that our community registers, turns out, and votes.

This week alone, Hillary for America and Democrats across the country will host more than 500 registration and commit to vote events. These efforts include you too, Milwaukee. In the last week, Hillary for Wisconsin and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has opened offices across the state to engage communities in the process by volunteering and registering to vote. I couldn’t be prouder to include Milwaukee’s new office in that group.

To accomplish this 3 million goal, we need your help. We need you to step up and speak out. Stop by our office at 2701 N Dr Martin Luther King Jr Drive in Milwaukee or go online and find out about upcoming events at Come help us communicate the importance of this election our neighbors. Help us make sure everyone has the information they need to vote on November 7. We won’t get to 3 million alone – I need you in this effort. Wisconsin needs you. Let’s get every soul to the polls this year to make sure Hillary Clinton is our next president.

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