110415fpbottom-pixBody Discovered On Kenosha Shoreline

KENOSHA – A death investigation is underway after a man’s body was discovered on a Kenosha beach.

A man walking along the beach found the body, saying he could not believe what he was looking at.

Mike Hervat said a beautiful Sunday morning exploring the beach and drinking coffee quickly turned into a shocking discovery shortly after 8 a.m.

“And as I’m climbing over the wall, I noticed just the side of an arm that I thought at first it was just a fish laying there,” Hervat said.

It turned out to be a man’s body.

“So I jump over the next set of rocks and I look over and I just see the body laying there, facedown, somewhat in a fetal position and everything,” Hervat said. “Completely naked.”

Hervat said there’s been rough surf the past few days and the body had made it over the top of some rocky debris.

Hervat said he first was ready to go over to see if the man was OK.

“But then as I look, I notice the body is swollen, very blue,” Hervat said. “Obviously had been there for days.”

He quickly returned home and called 911.

“Search and rescue has already gone up and down the lake and everything like that,” Hervat said. “Looking for other signs of anything. So far nothing has turned up.”

Kenosha authorities say the death investigation is on goin.