091615-religious-pix-8What’s Your “TRUTH”?

  There is only one truth – the truth that you yourself personally perceive. We each base every thought and action upon what we perceive to be our truth. Yet how many of us have ever pondered the origin of our truth? Do we know what our truth is? How did we come by it? Did we undertake a series of “in depth” investigations to arrive at our truth? And even more importantly, how do we benefit from our truth?

    Every thought, word, and action contributes to the creation of our reality and reflects our truths back to us for our consideration and further examination. Great poets and saints have told us in so many different ways through the eons, that self examination is truly the only endeavor that is worthwhile. Yet how may of us have embarked on this endeavor? How many of us are aware of our own truth?

    These questions are not meant for quick or unthoughtful answers. They are meant to evoke thought. The deep soul-searching kind of thought. There can be no correct or all encompassing answers to these questions, in the end, there can be only that which satisfies our existence.

    Each individual will find their own level of comfort and satisfaction in their truth, as well as their own unique concept of the what truth is. For indeed, Although there is only one truth, there are many different truths.