Texas Police Shooting

By Yvan Magana

Milwaukee, WI –The city of Fort Worth and citizens across the nation mourn the death of African American women, Atitania Jefferson who was shot by a white police officer. Less than one second is what it took the former police officer to shoot an innocent woman after commanding her to put her hands up. The Incident happened around 2:30 Saturday morning, October 12th, police received a call from a concerned neighbor saying that his neighbor’s front door was open. Former Police Officer, Arron Dean was the first to arrive at the scene and within minutes he fatally shot Atitania Jefferson in her home. Atitaina Jefferson, 28, was babysitting her eight-year-old nephew at the time of the incident. The footage from a body camera of that night was released, and it showed the former officer never stating his name and stating that he was an officer before making his command. This officer made his way around the house and noticed a person moving while he looked through the window. This window was Atitania’s bedroom and with one shot through the window, was shot dead. The clip of this tragedy has gone viral, but it has been edited so that the audience is shown everything that happened. Members of the community and investigators are asking Fort Worth PD to reveal exactly actual body cam footage so that we can truly see what happened that night. Fort Worth Police Department has not made any comments about whether or not they will release this footage. Neighbor, James Smith blames himself and wishes he never made the call. He called the non-emergency number in hopes for someone to just check up on his neighbor. Moments after police responded to the call, he had found out that his neighbor had been shot dead. This former officer has recently graduated from the academy of April 2018 and since then has been working for the Fort Worth Police Department. He resigned Monday morning before the police department could fire him. Hours later, Dean, was arrested and charged with murder. The investigation has begun to figure out what exactly happened and caused this tragedy. Arron Dean has been reported that he does not want to comply with the Investigation. The community is hurt and frustrated with the situation as they hope for justice. They want a few things to happen after this incident and that is for police officers to receive better training to handle these situations, for police officers to be treated and held accountable for their actions just like everyone else, and most important for Arron Dean to be convicted of murder. Texas is not the only state with issues with police officers using their power for bad, this whole country suffers from this injustice especially when it comes from the loss of a minority.