Esperanza_Unida_International_BuildingEsperanza Unida is pleased to announce that Reyna’s Events is the new operator of the Club and Restaurant located at the Esperanza Unida International Building located at 611 West National Avenue. Alfonso Morales owner of Reyna’s Events is also the owner of Reyna’s Bakery located on Cesar Chavez Street in the Milwaukee

South Side.  “Our wedding, birthdays, and special events are businesses that have grown dramatically in the last few years and we needed a larger place to accommodate the growth,” stated Morales.  “Thanks to Esperanza Unida they have given us great support and collaboration. We are happy to participate in the rebuilding of Esperanza Unida and to provide the community at large with a great entertainment venue.”

Reyna’s Events will conduct special musical and sport entertainment for a diverse audience.  Also in their plans is to operate the restaurant and coffee house.   “This is one of several initiatives and partnerships being advanced to revitalize 6th and National, and to contribute to increasing employment in the Milwaukee South

Side” explained Perez.  “It’s essential that we support entrepreneurs to become self-sufficient as they are an economic engine. We are passionate about changing the economic outlook for the Milwaukee South

Side,” expounded Perez. Under the leadership of Manny Perez and the Esperanza Unida Board, Esperanza Unida is currently supporting the development of five new businesses in the Milwaukee South Side and we will keep the public informed.”


1. Please forward media inquiries to Manny Perez, Executive Director at in writing

2. Please attempt to meet 3 day minimum advance requirement to ensure proper response. We will seek to process one day inquiries if at all possible, but it is not guaranteed.