Renovations Coming To Sheboygan City Hall

SHEBOYGAN – Sheboygan is moving ahead with plans to renovate City Hall for an estimated $10.95 million.

The Common Council approved, without discussion and on two 14-to-0 votes, separate committee recommendations to authorize an architect’s plans putting a remodel of the downtown city headquarters at about that cost.

Those plans, drafted by local firm Bray Architects, would dramatically alter the look of City Hall.

Drafting for the project is still underway, but preliminary estimates show demolition- and construction-related costs could total about $8.8 million. Other “soft costs,” including architectural and engineering fees, permitting costs and contingency funding, among other expenses, could add another $2.15 million.

The Common Council in 2016 rejected a roughly $11 million renovation plan over concerns the cost was too high. Subsequent plans tried budgeting the project at between $8 million and $8.5 million.

City leaders have also mulled moving out of City Hall, a move that would involve constructing a new building or moving into an existing downtown structure. But city leaders earlier this year largely rejected those ideas in favor of staying in their existing facility.

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