Racine Man Attacked By Mob of Teens

Screen-shot-2013-07-15-at-6.42.02-PMRACINE – A Racine man was attacked by a mob of teenagers this week. He is the victim of what appears to be a random assault.

The man tells FOX6 News he was cleaning up his backyard after a weekend barbecue when a group of teens walking by started making trouble his way.

It was two weeks ago when police say six teens — apparently not happy with Chiappetta’s dogs, did some barking of their own.

“They started using hard language, and threatening like they were going to kill my dogs, my beautiful dog. He is allergic and I have to buy food for allergies, I will protect him anyway,” Chiappetta said.

In just moments, the verbal fight turned physical.

“I called my dogs back, and it was basically — ‘get off my property.’ This thing went from zero to 100 like that,” Chiappetta said.

Chiappetta says he was jumped , punched, and kicked by multiple teens.

Now, Racine police are asking for help in bringing Chiappetta’s attackers to justice.

Chiappetta tells FOX6 News he was told the teens likely came from a huge group, broken up by police minutes earlier a couple blocks away.

“There was one girl in the group.  God bless her.  She was trying to call these guys off,” Chiappetta said.

Those with a tip leading to an arrest could receive a cash reward of up to $1,000 — and can remain anonymous.


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