The Kenosha Unified School will take on a new look April 23, when two businessmen and a retired teacher join the board.

Tom Duncan, Todd Battle and Mary Braun Modder, who won election to the board last week, will join Rebecca Stevens, Tony Garcia, Gary Kunich and Dan Wade on the board.

With the arrival of Duncan, vice president and chief operating officer with Froedtert South, and Battle, Kenosha Area Business Alliance president, who ran as a tandem, the board’s composition will have greater business-oriented presence.

But Battle said the labels that come with political office aren’t fair.

“To say I’m ‘pro-business’ or not ‘pro-teacher’ … to make that assertion is a little presumptuous. I’m pro public school,” said Battle, whose wife teaches in the district. “I may work for a business organization that is pro-development, but to say I’m anti-teacher or anti-public schools. … I don’t know that that’s fair to say.”