Milwaukee Southside Residents NOT warned of potential spiking of lead in water

By Robert Miranda
Commentary from the editor
June 9, 2016

Major street construction is happening on 13th street on Milwaukee’s near Southside. From Historic Mitchell Street to Windlake Ave. heavy concrete busting equipment pounds the streets and sidewalks. Residents in the area tell me that they can feel the shock waves coming into their homes from the pounding being done to break apart sidewalks.

I’m sure also feeling the shock of all that pounding are the lead water pipes sitting near much of the work that is being done to break up sidewalks and streets. Many of the homes have lead pipe laterals connecting to city water mains.

The shock waves caused by the pounding to the ground more than likely is causing many of these lead water pipes to release lead particles possibly causing leaching of lead into the water at many of these homes.

Residents on these blocks told me they were not provided any warnings to the dangers of spiking lead levels caused by all the ground pounding. Alderman Perez and a spokesperson for DPW did not have answers but told me they would get back to me. Haven’t heard anything yet.

Meanwhile, the work goes on and the pounding continues. I wonder what the lead level readings in the water of these homes are today.

Caution is extremely warranted here for all the families living in the construction zone.


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