12915-religious-pix-1God, hey how’s it going, just wanted to say ‘hi’

Feel so sad and lonely; feel like I want to die

I know it´s wrong to feel that, but it is how I feel

I try to fight it off, but the feeling is so real

“My poor dear child, I know it can get tough

I always hear you yelling, ‘Lord, I’ve had enough’

Tell me all your problems; pass your weight to me

Don’t cry My dear child, you’ll be OK just wait and see”

OK well, work for example, it’s always on my mind

Put all my heart into it, but get treated so unkind

And what about the gossip, whispers behind my back

I can’t trust anybody; it’s like attack after attack

“Gossip and unkindness is not something that’s new

Put all your trust in Me, and I will bring you through

Do good always, even though you get let down

When you feel that love is lost, know that Mine is still around”

God it’s like I have no luck, something’s always wrong

I’ve been struggling with my health, struggling for so long

When I feel the pain is going, it returns again but worse

Please stop this suffering Lord, please cast away this curse

“Whenever you’re in pain, remember I was there first

I’ll be by your side forever, for better or for worse

Carry your cross proudly; know that I’m watching you

I’ll provide you comfort, I died to make all things new”

OK Lord I will, I’ll try not to give in

But each time I have a problem I always turn to sin

I fall into temptation, even though I know it’s wrong

Help me God Our Father, help me to be strong

“Child of mine listen, take refuge in Me

Use Me as your light, and in darkness you will see

In Me you can do all things, Mountains you can sway

And if you feel you can’t, turn to Me and pray”

I can’t believe how better I feel, I came to you with doubt

But now I walk away knowing what your love is all about

Already I feel stronger, any challenge I can beat

I feel your presence in me, from my head down to my feet

“That’s the Spirit child, the Truth will set you free

Shine your light so bright, so those who doubt will see

I will not let go of your hand, so you can soar so high

I will shield you from all danger so that evil pass you by”

OK thanks for listening Jesus, you have truly made my day

I’ll continue to do your will, no matter what they say

I know its going to be tough, but I know I will survive

Nobody can defeat me; in my heart you are alive

“Remember to stay humble; love others as I love you

Continue to help the needy, continue to be true.

My Kingdom is coming child, Soon you’ll be in Paradise

I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life”

John 14:6 – (Jesus answered) “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me.”