Escuela Biblica Vacacional Recicle/Recycle

080515-religious-pix-3Escuela Biblica Vacacional Recicle/Recycle 

By: Diana Guadalupe 

Jesus Is My Best Friend was the theme for the Templo de Restauracion on 13th  & Lincoln street Vacation Bible School under the direction of Hilda Crispin and others volunteers. For a whole week the kids were able to have a wonderful time full of great arts and crafts, games and of course getting to know Jesus as their best friend, but what grab my attention is that they were able to use recyclable items like toilet paper rolls, cans, straws, bottle tops and so many other things without spending a huge amount of money to be able offer the kids in the community the opportunity to create beautiful things with their hands.  Well I think a picture is worth a thousand words, right!!!  but to all that love to save the environment and to find things to do… think about how can you enhance the mind of a child by showing them that we can make, create, and do amazing things with things that we already have around the house and in the process encourage others to use recyclable items to offer a program to our community without emptying anyone’s pocket!   GOOD JOB TEMPLO RESTAURACION! WAY TO GO!

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