By Jim Hoehn

Let the games begin. The really big games.

Thanks to Alex Jacobs, Veterans at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center will have oversized versions of Jenga and Yahtzee to play, as the result of his Eagle Scout project.

“I just wanted to do something for people who deserve it, the Veterans,” said Jacobs, a member of Troop 90 in North Lake. “I think they deserve the help more than anyone, people that protected our country.”

As per Eagle Scout project requirements to involve multiple people, Jacobs had a group of 12 with various stations for such tasks as sanding, staining and finishing over several days.

The normal Jenga game features a tower constructed of wooden blocks and players take turns removing one block at a time until the tower collapses.

Jacobs’ yard-game version consists of 54 much larger blocks, resulting in a tower a couple of feet tall with the same basic rules. He found the plans for the large set online, and then designed and created a portable carrying case for the game.