Circo: “Tantos Años” From Their Upcoming New Album “Adiós Hola”

Los Angeles — Puerto Rican iconic band, CIRCO, releases the second single “Tantos Años” from their upcoming new album “Adiós Hola.” To mark their triumphant return to the music scene as CIRCO, the multiple Latin GRAMMY® nominees have decided to release one single per week starting with “La Tormenta”, followed by “Tantos Años”, “Las Joyas” and “Si Tu Te Vas”. The last single will be simultaneously released on Thursday, May 28, 2020 with their new album “Adiós Hola.” 

About “Tantos Años” frontman Fofe expressed: “This song was the last track we wrote and recorded. “Tantos Años” was the easiest song to record. When the time came to record the track we were already dealing with the pandemic and taking all necessary precautions. Curiously, this is the song we chose to release as a second single during our new music release festival we have going on during the month of May. It’s an ironic song, that talks about toxic relationships which are very hard to leave. It is a song about love and hate. We can make an analogy between the song and the political situation in Puerto Rico where people continue voting for a mistreating government. [It is about] Wishing to have a relationship with that person that does not treat you well but there is a deep connection that makes it hard to walk away. Musically, it is one of the most euphoric tracks on the album inviting to let it all go and dance. We dream of being able to perform it on stage and see the audience sing and dance.”

 In December 2019 Fofe, Egui, David and Orlando returned to the recording studio to work on what would be their first album in thirteen years as CIRCO. The album’s pre-production started months before, during what is known as the Verano Intenso (Intense Summer) of 2019 in Puerto Rico. The album was recorded amidst earthquakes in Puerto Rico and a global Pandemic. All of these situations are reflected and served as inspiration for the new album “Adiós Hola”. 

 The new album is a collaborative process in both music and lyrics, where each band member is essential in bringing their talent as musicians and songwriters. The new album is an amalgam of influences including retro pop, electro, alternative, new wave, post punk and psychedelia all blended together to create CIRCO’s signature sound. CIRCO will release their new album “Hola Adiós” under the record label La Buena Fortuna Music LLC distributed by Sony Music Latin.

 The new single”Tantos Años” available on all digital and streaming platforms.