Milwaukee Two Bucks License Revoked

Milwaukee – An East Side bar is being boycotted amidst charges of racism. A Facebook page was created over the weekend calling for a boycott of the bar known as Two Bucks, located at 2321 North Murray Ave.

Since posting the call to boycott Two Bucks over 2,400 Facebook members have signed on after some patrons claimed they were targeted to leave the bar because of their race on Friday night.

The incident at Two Bucks sparked a walk out employees from their jobs in support of the boycott effort.

At the center of the controversy is the establishment’s owner, Lynn Forthaus accused by patrons and former Two Bucks employees of making racist remarks and forcing Black patrons to leave the establishment.

According to the Boycott Two Bucks Milwaukee Facebook page, Lynn Forthaus made racist remarks about black customers before demanding that they leave the establishment.

The Boycott Two Bucks Milwaukee Facebook page states that a group of emotional patrons were upset after being forced out of the bar at 12:20am, complaining that the owner was saying racist remarks inside the bar. In addition, the page states patrons were told to leave because of their race.

Some employees quit because of the situation, according to the Boycott Two Bucks Milwaukee Facebook page.

A Facebook message was posted by the owner, Lynn Forthaus before it was deleted that read, among other things: “…I kicked people out because I thought they were misbehaving. I was wrong. I am not a hater or a racist…”

Another statement was posted on the Two Bucks Milwaukee’s Facebook page that reads:

“There was a [sic] unfortunate incident at Two Bucks late Friday, May 1.

I apologize that this occurred — it does not reflect the views of the company, owners or employees of Two Bucks.

We embrace diversity and have already taken steps so this will never happen again.”

Boycott Two Bucks flyers have been posted on the windows of Two Bucks and all around the East Side.

On Wednesday, May 6, 2015, Two Bucks of America announced that the license issued to Two Bucks Milwaukee was being revoked by the corporate office.

The following statement was released

by Eric Nugent, Chief Operating Officer Two Bucks of America:

“Milwaukee, your voices have been heard!

After interviewing employees, customers, and community activists, we have decided to revoke the franchise license of Forever Young Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Two Bucks Milwaukee.

Forever Young Enterprises will have 24 hours to cover or remove all trademarked signage and materials in and around their premises. Moving forward, we will be speaking to the landlord and local alderman to determine the most appropriate course of action.

We would like to thank the beautifully-diverse city of Milwaukee for your patience as we worked through the guidelines of our franchise agreement. We are a small family of entrepreneurs-with-a-dream and it breaks our hearts to close a Two Bucks location. However, The Two Bucks of America was built on a foundation of ethics, values, and integrity. As such, we do everything we can to tenaciously build from that foundation in the pursuit of a safe, satisfying environment for customers and employees.

From Buckers near and far, we are grateful for your support!”