123015-fp-middle-fold-2Zamarripa Ask Lawmakers to Remove “Husband and Wife”, Change To “Spouse”

Madison – While Wisconsin’s economy continues to struggle under the administration of Governor Scott Walker, some  Assembly Democrats are seeking to move Wisconsin lawmakers towards updating several state laws to reflect recent same-sex marriage court rulings.

A bill introduced at the Capitol calls for adding gender neutral language in numerous state marriage laws with gender-neutral language, such as changing “husband and wife” to “spouse.”

Rep. Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit) said the law is needed to help prevent legal complications on issues ranging from property to parental rights. “It is wholly unfair that same sex couples are forced to pay significant costs associated with legal action to get a declaration of their rights…especially rights involving their children,” Spreitzer said at a news conference in Madison.

Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milwaukee) stated she wants language that is welcoming of same sex couples and shows them that their rights will be respected in Wisconsin. “Making all references to husband or wife gender neutral will guarantee all married couples in Wisconsin equally enjoy the benefits of that institution,” she said.

Lawmakers were joined by several same sex couples, many of whom have children during the press conference announcing the new legislation.

The bill is being circulated for co-sponsors at the Capitol. It’s not clear whether or not it will have the Republican support likely needed to get a vote this session.