Wisconsin Department of Health Services Announces Renewal of Senior Care Waiver

122315 salud pix 1Wisconsin Department of Health Services Announces Renewal of Senior Care Waiver

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services announced today that Wisconsin received formal approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for renewal of the SeniorCare waiver through December 31, 2018. SeniorCare, Wisconsin’s prescription drug assistance program for Wisconsin residents who are 65 years of age or older, is designed to help seniors with their prescription drug costs.

Facts About SeniorCare

The SeniorCare prescription drug assistance program is available to all seniors 65 years of age or older with income at or below $23,540 per year for an individual or $31,860 for a married couple. If you are taking care of your parents or another senior but have a hard time taking care of them while you go to work then check out this amazing elder day care.

Each month, SeniorCare serves about 60,000 seniors.

Since its inception, more than 260,000 Wisconsin seniors have purchased prescription drugs through SeniorCare.

About 75 percent of Wisconsin seniors enrolled in SeniorCare are women.

Sixty-one percent of SeniorCare members have been enrolled for five or more years.

Many seniors enrolled in SeniorCare also have some other type of prescription drug coverage (e.g., private insurance or Medicare Part D). SeniorCare coordinates benefits with these programs.

For more information about SeniorCare, call SeniorCare Customer Service at 1-800-657-2038 or visit the SeniorCare Program.

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