Wisconsin Bristol Renaissance Faire

By Genevieve Crowley

Hear ye, Hear ye come one come all!! Imagine that you’re being transported to the 16th century England the renaissance era. Women dressed in corseted gowns and flowered head gears.  The men were dressed in Loki ‘the Norse god’ styled headgear and leggings, leather outer garments and many carried swords. The children were dressed in either clothes from the renaissance era or 21st century clothing.

Welcome to the Wisconsin Bristol Renaissance Faire located in Kenosha.

There were battles with jousting, mud wrestling, dunking booths bawdy shows and a circus with a juggler and magician.

As you continue to engage in entertainment you could smell the most wonderful aromas off roasted turkey legs and slabs of the beef ribs, there was also the opportunity to get vegetables and alcoholic beverages if so desired.

Overall it was a good time at the fair.  However, this particular Renaissance Faire is lacking in diversity of employment opportunities.

The shops were fully stocked with costumes, figurines and accssories for your take home visit from the faire.

The Bristol Renaissance Faire is a Renaissance fair held in a Renaissance-themed park in the village of Bristol, Wisconsin in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. Its 30 acre site runs along the Wisconsin-Illinois state line west of Interstate 94. It recreates a visit of Queen Elizabeth I to the English port city of Bristol in the year 1574. The faire runs for the nine weekends from early July through Labor Day.