“Today for Jonathan, tomorrow for you!” – Call for Community Support

090215-fp-top-fold“Today for Jonathan, tomorrow for you!” – Call for Community Support

Jonathan (Jon) Morales is a 29 year old who has dedicated himself by giving to his community his time to the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, Inc./Mexican Fiesta efforts to host successful events every year.

As coordinator of the Lake Performance Stage at Mexican Fiesta, Jonathan takes on the responsibility to make every aspect of his assigned area during the festival runs efficiently and without fail.

Tireless and hard working, Jonathan has earned the respect and love of many volunteers, Mexican Fiesta supporters and staff.

It’s a good thing Jonathan has that kind of love and support because he is in a fight.

Jon is suffering from End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). This means that his kidneys are not working well enough to keep his body alive. He is having dialysis at least 5 days a week, and each session is about 3 hours. Anyone who has gone through this understands fully well the amount of stress and discomfort which comes from such procedure.

Jonathan (Jon) Morales, is a UWM student and expects to graduate next year with a degree in Communications. Jon also works full time at an elementary School.  One of his passions is playing soccer, but because of his constant treatment and pain he is not able to play as often as he used to.

Jon has been doing hemo-dialysis for two years while waiting on the disease donor transplant list for a kidney. The good news is that a member in the community recently decided to donate one of his kidneys to Jon.

After this great news was given to Jon he found out that two procedures have been presented for his recovery.

One kidney transplant surgery will allow him to live a somewhat normal life. He will have to be on anti-rejection medication for the rest of his life. The side affect to this plan is that if for some reason he doesn’t take the medication, his body will attack the kidney and it will fail, plus, the medication has also been proven to cause cancer.

The second option is to do the kidney transplant surgery along with Steam Cells. This procedure will allow Jon to have a more normal life without taking anti-rejection drugs and there is a very high probability that the kidney (and Jon) will survive. This procedure will be done at a hospital in Chicago, Illinois, where Jon needs to remain during his 3 months recovery process.

In order for Jon to complete this procedure, he will need at least

$50,000 to cover medical treatment, lodging, travel and care.

The Wisconsin Hispanic SCHOLARSHIP Foundation, Inc./Mexican Fiesta is asking for the community to help by contributing with a monetary donation to help Jon.

¡Hoy por Jonathan, Mañana por ti! /”Today for Jonathan, tomorrow for you!”

To donate and FOR MORE INFORMATION please go to this website http://www.gofundme.com/kidneyforjon or contact Jon Morales at 414-394-3616.

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