Supervisors Host Mitchell Domes Forum

22417-fp-middleSupervisors Host Mitchell Domes Forum

Milwaukee – The public was invited to sound off about the Mitchell Park Domes.

The Milwaukee County Board held a public hearing on the future of the Mitchell Park Domes this week.

“Most citizens in Milwaukee County have visited the Domes at some point,” said Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb. “We need to get public input on the future of these iconic structures that hold a special place in our local history.”

Earlier this month, all three domes were shut down after a piece of concrete fell from the top of the Desert Dome.

“The Domes are a treasured Milwaukee landmark. They are truly unique in our nation. Although, structurally sound, they have been closed to ensure public safety & to allow for a plan to protect them into the future. The Domes have thrived in recent years hosting wonderful family events, my goal is to get visitors back in the Domes as soon as possible”, said Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West.

County Executive Chris Able and other county leaders have bounced around on how to fix the Domes, including putting up a net that could catch the falling concrete inside the aging facility. After learning that could hurt plants inside the Domes, they’re going to test out a netting that would wrap around the concrete only.

Abele warned this would be a short term fix that could run into the high six figures in cost. However, the cost to replace them altogether could be up to $75 million.

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