Somers Village Ordinance Questioned

041316fpbottomSomers Village Ordinance Questioned

SOMERS — A proposed Village ordinance has Tavern in the Village of Somers seeking input.

The Ordinance would require establishments providing live entertainment to be licensed in the village.

Mike McTernan, attorney for the Somers House tavern, spoke before the Village Board representing the tavern owners after they learned authorities were looking to “shut down” the business.

The village is developing an ordinance after ongoing trouble at local taverns, particularly those hosting disc jockeys that sometimes draw large, rowdy crowds.

McTernan said he found it odd that Somers House was not aware of any “contested matter” before the village.

“He has a liquor license. He has zero point violations. He has an occupancy permit under the village ordinances that were adopted,” McTernan said.

McTernan said he learned Somers House would be “shut down” this weekend.

“Why would they be shutting them down? What violation of what law would they be presented with?” McTernan said.

Village Attorney Jeff Davison said under the zoning ordinance, the tavern is not allowed to have live entertainment

McTernan said Somers House was being treated differently than, say, the Kenosha Country Club, which has live jazz, because it attracts a younger crowd.

McTernan said he and Somers House owners want to work with village officials on an ordinance regarding cabaret licenses.

However, Davison stated that the ordinance is needed in response to complaints.

He said Somers House has had underage drinking violations and noise complaints, among others, over the a last few years. In January, at least 18 people were cited for underage drinking by authorities conducting a tavern compliance check.

A draft ordinance is expected to come before the board during a work session next week.

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