The Common Council today approved legislation banning sales from vehicles on both sides of W. Silver S

pring Dr. from N. 60 th St. to W. Appleton Ave. on the city’s northwest side.  Alderman Mark Chambers, Jr., who sponsored the file, said the ban will affect anyone selling food, clothing, or other items from parked vehicles along W. Silver Spring in the designated area.

Alderman Chambers said the affected stretch of W. Silver Spring Dr. – located in the 2 nd and 9 th Aldermanic Districts – has seen a consistent uptick in traffic safety issues in recent years.  “The intersection of 60 th and Silver Spring is one of the deadliest in the State of Wisconsin when it comes to motor vehicle and pedestrian safety, with reckless driving also increasingly responsible for accidents there,” the Alderman said. Alderwoman Larresa Taylor, whose 9 th District includes W. Silver Spring west of N. 64 th St., said the ban was necessary to protect public safety. “Mixing in vehicles selling items along that stretch of Silver Spring only adds to the congestion and danger factor, and that’s why the ban is needed,” said Alderwoman Taylor, a key supporter of the change. “I want to thank my Council colleagues for their support of this measure,” Alderman Chambers said.