Public Market Announces Grant to Penfield Children’s Center

120215-business-pix-1Public Market Announces Grant to Penfield Children’s Center

Milwaukee –   Penfield Children’s Center, a leader in child development, will receive a $5,000 grant to fund the purchase of equipment to assist special needs children living in Milwaukee’s most challenged areas, the public market announced today.

“This generous gift from the Milwaukee Public Market will have a profound impact on the children we serve at Penfield Children’s Center,” said Chris Holmes, president/CEO at Penfield Children’s Center. “Specialized equipment made possible through this grant will help ensure positive developmental gains and safe positioning for children in our Special Care Nursery while allowing them to interact with their peers.”

The $5,000 gift from the market will enable Penfield to purchase one Leckey Squiggles Early Sitting System (ESS) and nine KAYE Low Kinder Chairs with trays. The Leckey Squiggles ESS is a chair specifically-designed for children with profound medical conditions. It can be adjusted to promote safe positioning for children with respiratory distress, seizures or feeding disorders.

The Kinder Chairs help children achieve stable sitting positions and upright posture so they can participate in activities with their peers. They also allow for the development of fine motor and feeding skills. This specialized equipment will allow nurses, as well as physical and occupational therapists, to better serve children in Penfield’s Special Care Nursery.

“One of the market’s founding principles is to partner with local organizations who support children with special needs and try to improve their quality of life,” said market spokesperson, Paul Schwartz.  “With Penfield we are fulfilling that promise.  They are a leader in child development within our community and we are proud to provide resources that will have a positive impact on their mission.”

For more information about the Milwaukee Public Market, visit their website or call 414-336-1111.

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