Menominee Nation Full Steam Ahead

By Steed

The Kenosha Hard Rock Hotel and Casino held a rally Wednesday afternoon and were joined in solidarity with Kenosha Mayor Keith Bosman, State Senator Bob Wirch, State Representative Tom Weatherston, and Gateway Technical College President Dr. Bryan Albrecht, all in support of a Kenosha Casino.

The Kenosha casino, located at the former Dairyland Greyhound Track in Kenosha, will pump $1.6 Billion into the state economy in the first 10 years of operation say supporters.

“The money will stimulate the economy in two parts; building the facility of $800 million which will create jobs for over 4,000 employees and contractors.  Secondly, $800 million by subsiding better conditions for Menominee Tribe as a sovereign state with public schools, medical, housing and compensation.”  Stated Mike Beightol of Coyote Marsh Public Relations.

Kenosha Casino advocates state that the casino is predicated to create jobs from Kenosha up to their current casino in Keshena, 45 minutes northwest of Oneida casino in Green Bay.

The Florida Seminole tribe owns all of the Hard Rock International Casino and Hotels when they purchase the rights for $965 million in 2007.

Seminole tribe is investing the initial build of the Kenosha Hard Rock Hotel and Casino of $800 million and will manage the property until payment is recuperated.

Gateway Technical College is partnering with Kenosha Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and the Menominee Tribe to provide area classes on Hotel and Casino entertainment.

Governor Scott Walker will make a final decisionFebruary 19, 2015 for approval to break ground.

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