The Lutheran Church located on 55th Greenfield with the leadership of Pastor Press Hoffmann and a very caring congregation have been working alone side with the Milwaukee Homeless  Veterans  Services  (zip 53214) every Tuesday from 8 am till 10 am with for the food pantry.  Also every Thursday from 8am till 10am the church makes a breakfast were our veterans and who is in need can come, feel like at home and have a meal, as well as clothes, free books and with the collaboration of different entities brings what is need it help.

Volunteers in the kitchen serve you with a smile; some volunteer their music talent remembering the MUSIC IS LIFE GIVING. Available resources for the veterans, library, and dessert table, barista, Legal Clinics from Marquette at different dates that also volunteers their time.

Over 100,000 meals for the last 4 years has been served and before breakfast there is inspirational spirituals words, and I quote:  “We are here to LOVE not to convert them” , setting aside political agenda letting  the Peace of Christ reach beyond the walls of war. No angle and a bridge to relationships as conversation as human contact, giving to people without restrictions.

“In the Gospel of Mark”, as I continue speaking with Pastor Hoffman:  “talks about the early stages of Jesus ministry” He saw what the need was, saw the void, what could he do to help? And now we ask our selves what the need in this neighborhood is? And this is LOVE IN ACTION!

God bless you!

From: Job 42:5