In Response To The Mayor’s Chief of Staff

By Robert Miranda

Pointing to lead-based paint as the primary source of lead poisoning continues to be the focus of the Mayor’s office while ignoring the significant and more involuntary and uncontrolled exposure to toxic levels of lead that drinking water poses is both irresponsible and ill-informed and smacks of Flint, MI redeux.

The Mayor’s Chief of Staff pointed out in his response to FLAC’s press conference that lead paint is what is poisoning Milwaukee. On that we agree, but to make the claim that it is the primary source without data to prove his assertions is disturbing. Such statement would require information regarding not only paint, dust and soil but water should be included in their data gathering — but it’s not. Why not?

Because as the Mayor’s administration admitted they never tested for lead in water over the years, they only tested for what the federal government gave them money for and that is lead in paint, soil and dust.

The fact that money from the federal government appears to be the stumbling block in addressing lead in drinking water is basically admitting that the “risk is real, but the City does not have the fiscal innovativeness and wherewithal to care much less address proactively” unless mandated by the all mighty and knowing federal authorities (aka Wizard of Oz).

Outrages is much to kind a word to describe such a callous and arrogant response by Curley. MIlwaukee is a “21st Century Water City”in name only.  Shameful and unacceptable!!!

Milwaukee Mayor Chief of Staff Pat Curley issued the following public statement:

“FLAC and its spokesman appear to be more interested in getting themselves media attention than addressing lead paint, the primary cause of lead poisoning and the millions of dollars in costs Milwaukee taxpayers will bear for lead remediation.

“If FLAC is so concerned about lead laterals, why isn’t the group expending time and energy in Madison and Washington D.C. lobbying the legislature, Governor and members of Congress to fund the estimated $750 million Milwaukee needs to fully replace 70,000 lead laterals?

“Does FLAC have the stomach for such a campaign, would that be too tough a task?  It could very well be FLAC‘s plan is to have Milwaukee homeowners and taxpayers foot the bill in its entirety.

“That’s the strategy being used by the paint industry and their lawyers and, from all appearances, that’s the strategy FLAC is employing.

“Maybe it’s time for FLAC to be fully transparent and let the public know – just who funds FLAC?”

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