Group Seeks Driver’s Program

Milwaukee – The Southside Organizing Committee held a “Meet the People” convention this week at Serb Hall to discuss the upcoming election and a number of other issues including driver card program.

Mary Burke, the Democratic candidate for governor attended the event, Governor Scott Walker was represented by Chairman of the Republican Hispanic Caucus, Joe Medina.

Medina gave campaign contribution to Democrat Jocasta Zamarripa to defeat the Republican candidate challenger Zamarripa faces in the coming midterm elections.

Medina gave a lack luster presentation and appeared that his mic was taken from him before he was able to finish his talk.

A number of other candidates seeking office attended the convention.

Steve Fendt, director of the Southside Organizing Committee stated, “This is a great opportunity for the candidates to hear what’s been bugging the near south side. It’s also a time for the candidates to share their ideas on how they can help”.

SOC has been working on is a driver card program.

SOC volunteers have collected letters from area residents and have given them to the gubernatorial candidates for governor. The letters are requesting a driver card program that would allow long-time Wisconsin residents to drive legally and insured.

65,000 Wisconsin residents are in need of assistance to renew or obtain a driver’s license. Many of those individuals live in the Southside.

The rise in residents having no drivers license stems from a law that only allows those who show proof of citizenship or have a green card to receive a driver’s license.


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