Common Council Defeats Alderman’s Attempt to Restrict Food Trucks

Common Council Defeats Alderman’s Attempt to Restrict Food Trucks
MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee Alderman Joseph Dudzik wants to restrict food trucks from doing business in Milwaukee residential neighborhoods.
“Now I’ll be the first to admit, I did offer up the most number of streets, but again, I go back to the fact that I have one of the most residential districts in the entire city,” Alderman Joseph Dudzik said.
Dudzik’s effort to stop food trucks from operating in residential neighborhoods was defeated by the Common Council this week by a vote of 10-4 and one excused. Alderman Bob Donovan was the only member if the council not present.
Dudzik’s efforts would have restricted food trucks from operating near homes. He doesn’t think it’s fair for residents to have to deal with them.
For safety reasons, he also wants to keep them from busy intersections like 43rd Street, Forest Home and Oklahoma avenues.
Some food truck operators worry if this all gets approved, it could spread citywide.
“If you can ban food trucks in the 11th District, you can ban food trucks in the 2nd District or the 4th District or any district, and it’s a terrible precedent, and there’s no reason for it,” said Steve Perlstein, co-owner of Simmer Milwaukee.
“I don’t think it would be smart for the city to out and out ban these across the city but I think it’s very prudent to control where they can and where they can’t be,” Dudzik said.

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