Break my will to match yours


Break my will to match yours

Lord, when You come in the form of a trial,

no matter howsmall, like

the disappointment of having someone

disagree with me and

facing rejection from those I love;

when I know that I am in the right

and am blamed for what is wrong,

when I have worked hard

to make things pleasant,

yet meet with criticisms of

what might have been;

when the expectancy of waiting

seems to have no end,

and I see others

enjoy blessings

I pray to have a share in, Oh, Lord,

make it easy for my will to conform

to Yours.

For doing Your

will involves

a wrenching and a tearing apart

of self-love.

My will cracks, and in the


becomes whole again

while it yields

to Yours.

Oh, God, the process is painful

while it lasts.

But no sooner do I yield to

Your pleasure

than you unlock the torrent of joy!

What surging wave of peace You bring!

What overwhelming power of being free

while it lasts.

If this be a way of union with You, Lord,

Let my will conform to Yours,

no matter what the pain and the price,

that I may be one with You

in everything I do.

Lord, this is

my wish,

Write it in Your heart

as I write it in mine.

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